Greenland – Sisimiut Arctic Sauna

Trawling the internet for things to do during my stay in Sisimiut this year, I came across the Arctic Sauna at the Hotel Sisimiut.   

Front of the Hotel Sisimiut at dusk - West Greenland
The Hotel Sisimiut is THE place to stay in Sisimiut. I had a fantastic time here with the awesome staff.

Although I’m fairly new to sauna experiences, this sounded like the perfect relaxation reward after having spent 8 days hiking the Arctic Circle Trail, and I was super-keen to give it a go.

Aqqalooraq (a very interesting young man who works on reception at the hotel) greeted me with a white fluffy towel, bathrobe, a pail of water and two pitchers of iced drinking water, and led me out the back of the hotel to where the sauna is located.

Hot tubs and sauna on the back deck of the Hotel Sisimiut in West Greenland
Can you spot the sauna?

Can you spot it in the image above?

It is actually fully self-contained within the shipping container – an idea I absolutely love!

Entryway to the Arctic Sauna at the Hotel Sisimiut in West Greenland
Entrance to the Arctic Sauna

The interior is completely lined with wood and absolutely beautiful.  There is an ante-room for relaxing, hydrating and taking a mini-break from the heat

Wood-lined ante-room of the Arctic Sauna at the Hotel Sisimiut - West Greenland

and the hot room itself, which fits 5 people.  I hadn’t booked a private session so theoretically anyone could have come and joined me, but on this occasion I had the entire sauna to myself.

Wood-lined hot room of the Arctic Sauna at the Hotel Sisimiut - West Greenland

Unlike many other saunas, there is no plunge pool to quickly cool off in.  And this being Summer, there was no snow to go roll around in outside.  So I just took my breaks out on the back deck of the hotel.  Trust me – it doesn’t take long for the chill of a late-August evening in Greenland to cool you down!

Places to relax and cool off on the back deck of the Hotel Sisimiut, West Greenland


As anticipated, the Arctic Sauna at the Hotel Sisimiut was a wonderful way to relax after an extended trek.  Next time I’m in Sisimiut, I’m also looking forward to a hot-tub experience as well (see top image) – now currently being installed.

Time:  50 mins

Cost: 150DKK (~USD$23) 

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